There are probably more VW Kombis per capita in Byron Bay than anywhere else in the World. The Retro Campervan represents epic surf trips, exploring beaches, having fun and being free. All 3 partners of Retro Campervans car hire in Byron Bay drive Kombis, surf and like to have fun which is why Alex, Alex and Craig came together in 2014 to share this dream with others. If you just rent for a few days, a weekend or for several weeks, driving one of these iconic vehicles is great fun.

We at Retro Campervans are all surfers and each of us drives a Volkswagen. Living the Vee Dub (VW) experience ourselves, we fully understand the spirit. We want to offer the trip of your lifetime and not just a car that will bring you from A to B. The Volkswagen Kombi is an important part of the Australian culture: You’ll notice that lots of people you bump into (not literally we hope) will have a story to tell about a Kombi they once had. You’ll also notice a big smile on peoples faces and people waving at you as you drive by. And never forget to greet other Kombi drivers with the classic V symbol!

Retro Campervans car rental Byron Bay

Retro Campervans car rental is situated in the centre of Byron Bay in Australia, only 1,5 hours south of Brisbane.
We have a collection of beautifully restored classic VW campervans to hire. All come fully equipped with double beds, cookers, fridges, running water, great sound system, cosy lighting and good time retro charm.
No matter if you are hiring just over a weekend to enjoy Byron Bay or for longer roadtrips across the beautiful coastline of New South Wales and Queensland, there is no better way to travel with the style of the 70´s.

If you have any special enquiries or questions e.g. childseat, surfboard rental, just contact us or stop by at our headquarter in Byron Bay.
Our team from Retro Campervans car rental Byron Bay, can always arrange something for you!